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Solutions and Troubleshooting Steps

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Before requesting a Replacement or Return Authorization, follow the relevant steps below.


First Check 



Plastic Film or Cartridge Clip

Has the protective plastic film or cartridge clip (if provided) been removed from the inkjet nozzle before installing the cartridge? Toner cartridges will usually have a plastic strip or clip to pull before they can/should be installed.

 Cartridge Recognition Issues

icon-arrow1.gifDue to Status reading, i.e., “Cartridge is empty or depleted”
By agreement between the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and remanufacturers, the chip on the cartridge that reports on ink levels, etc. is not allowed to be reset.

Leave the cartridges in the printer.  Turn off and UNPLUG the machine (to erase the memory within).  Wait about 10 minutes.

Plug in and turn the machine "On." The cartridges should be recognized.

If the issue is not resolved, follow the steps above except take the cartridges out of the printer first.  Reinstall the cartridges after the machine is "On" again.

icon-arrow1.gifDue to Contact Strip Smudges
The copper contact strip on an inkjet may have debris or smudges which can cause recognition issues. The debris or smudge might also be on the contact area within the machine.

Use a cotton swab and a small amount of rubbing alcohol to dissolve debris/smudge by gently cleaning the contacts. Allow to dry making sure no fibers from the swab remain before proceeding to reinstall.

Also, look at the contacts on the cartridge and in the machine. Do they have the same pattern? If not, the cartridge will not work.

icon-arrow1.gifDue to Persistent Message Which Does Not Allow Printing

Click the Start Button and go to the Control Panel. Select the printer in question and right click on the Properties. At the Advanced Print Server Properties, deselect the option to show informational notifications or “dialog.” This procedure may vary by manufacturer.


Cartridge Doesn’t Print, Is Missing a Color or Is Printing Too Light

icon-arrow1.gifRe: Inkjets/Ink Tanks, this is usually caused by a clogged nozzle.

Take a slightly dampened paper towel, fold and hold against the nozzle for 30 seconds or so. Blot dry without rubbing. Reinstall and print a sample page.


Most machines also have a nozzle cleaning function:
From the Start Button go to the Control Panel and when you get to the printers installed on your computer, right click on the Properties. At the Services tab there should be a nozzle cleaning function. This procedure may vary by manufacturer. Directly from some printers, you can use your fingertips to select the proper Set Up and Tools Options for the nozzle cleaning function (rather than selecting from a dialog box on your monitor).

Literally warming up an inkjet cartridge a few hours to overnight in the printer (plugged in and on) can also unclog a nozzle.

icon-arrow1.gifAdditional Info Re: Ink Tank cartridges (Canon and Epson types, for example):

Warning: Do not remove an ink tank cartridge until you have its replacement. Exposure to air may dry out the print head inside the machine causing expense for repair or replacement.

icon-arrow1.gifRe Toner Cartridges:

Check the Print Quality settings. Have the Preferences been set to Draft mode? Have you been printing more than usual? It could be time to replace the cartridge and/or drum (see Other below). Remove the toner cartridge, gently rock it to dislodge any caked toner and reinsert until replacement is acquired.


icon-arrow1.gifThere Are Lines On My Printed Document When Using My Laser Printer

Remanufactured laser cartridges are usually more generously filled with toner. In shipping and handling, some residual toner can end up on the doctor blade which, during normal printing, wipes excess toner away. Print several pages to use and remove the excess toner/lines.  


It might also be time to replace the drum in your printer if it is not a part of the toner cartridge assembly (common with Brother). Drum replacement is less frequent than toner replacement and, therefore, easier to forget about (sometimes even a surprise to the owner). For instance, with the Brother MFC-7440N which uses TN360 2,600 page yield toner cartridges, the drum should be replaced for about every 12,000 pages printed (or, for about every 5 toner cartridges used).


icon-arrow1.gifIs Your Printer Printing “Garbage” or Your Owner’s Manual Lost?

Don’t automatically blame the cartridge! A driver might need to be installed or updated. Switching from one operating system to another (i.e., Mac to PC or vice versa) or upgrading from within an operating system could cause this issue. Go to the website for your manufacturer to determine if there is a driver/update you can install. You may even have to uninstall and reinstall your printer software. Most manufacturers also have the Owner’s Manuals available in PDF format. If you engage in an online chat or telephone call with a manufacturer’s representative, remember their (profit) motive and your rights.

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