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You DO Have Choices icon-leeve-copy.pngNever "Run Out" Again…icon-law2.gif


Think About This:

When you purchase a Ford or other major brand vehicle, are you required to fill up the gas tank with a certain brand of gasoline as recommended by the manufacturer? And, when the vehicle needs servicing, are you required to take it to the dealership's service department where you pay a premium, or can you choose to take it to someone you know who is an excellent mechanic and whose shop has low overhead?  


Remember These Points:  

 icon-checkmark.gifManufacturers cannot legally require a printer owner or lessee - verbally or otherwise - to purchase supplies exclusively from them.

 icon-checkmark.gifThis unlawful "tying agreement" violates provisions of the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act.

 icon-checkmark.gifIn a landmark 1936 case, the Supreme Court ruled that IBM could not terminate a customer's data processing machine lease, if the customer chose to use tabulating cards from other manufacturers. The more recent Magnuson- Moss Warranty Improvement Act title 15, Section 2303 specifically prohibits a manufacturer from conditioning a written or implied warranty on the use of its own brand product except under very restrictive circumstances.

 icon-checkmark.gifIf, in the unlikely event our supplies have been the source of damage to your equipment, you are protected by our warranty. We will reimburse you for the cost of repairs with adequate documentation from the service technician.

icon-checkmark.gifOur imaging supplies are designed to meet or exceed the original brand name.

icon-checkmark.gifIf a representative threatens to void the machine warranty or charge for a service call because you are using a compatible supply, ask for their statement in writing.